Raising Zone Fundraiser Privacy Policy

Raising Zone Fundraiser Privacy Policy

Application Privacy Policy

What we currently use Facebook for

We offer members the opportunity to activate member accounts by logging in using Facebook or by providing an email account.

If the member chose to use Facebook we are getting the member's email to use to activate the account the same as if they chose to not use Facebook and simply entered their email. An email address is required because we use it to send receipts for donations, account information and little else. Click here to read what we do with email addresses.

Basic Facebook App

When you create a basic Facebook app to allow people to use it to register or activate an account the basic permissions include name, email address and photo.

It also gives permission to access the names of your friends who also have the Facebook app and photos. WE DO NOT USE THOSE FEATURES AND THEY CAN BE TURNED OFF BY THE MEMBER.


We do not have the right to post on anyone's page. We do not have the right to contact anyone on your behalf or for any other purpose. We do not use your photo.

We do not share your contact information. We do not share your email address.

We do not receive nor store nor collect any data from Facebook.

Facebook Posting

We do provide links to post on Facebook accounts. However we do not control the actual post. That is all member generated content.

Personal Information

Raising Zone may collect personal information from Users in a variety of different ways, including, but not limited to, site registration, filling in forms, making online donations, submitting comments and other features found on our website.

Users may be asked to provide names, email addresses, mailing addresses, phone numbers and other voluntary information needed to create a group fundraising website.

Our site does not collect nor store credit card information. That is done by Card Connect, a credit card processing company owned by Chase Bank.

Users can refuse to provide requested information knowing that the lack of information could affect site performance.

Non-Personal Information

Raising Zone may collect non-personal information about users that may include but not be limited to browser type, device type, location, operating system and IP.

Use of Cookies

Raising Zone uses cookies to enhance our user experience. Cookies are used to help users log into our system after the initial registration process and could be used for other purposes designed to help users more easily navigate our site.

Users can choose to set their web browsers to refuse cookies or they can choose to delete cookies. Doing so may affect site performance.

Use of Email Addresses

Raising Zone collects emails from nearly everyone that participates in a fundraising campaign. We do not share nor sell email addresses with any party or company.

Some uses of email addresses include, but are not limited to, providing up to date fundraising information, sending donation receipts, offering coaching tips and sending other useful information about fundraising.

Users, at any time, can delete their email address from our system or unsubscribe to any specific email being received.

Why We Collect Information

Raising Zone requests only as much information as it requires to provide excellent user experience and customer service.

We may use information gathered as the basis for future program development or individual user experience. We use data for continual product improvement.

How to Contact Us

If you have any questions or comments about this privacy notice, please call us at (844) 488-ZONE.


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