How Raising Zone Works

How Raising Zone Works

Our goal is to make the Raising Zone the easiest, quickest and least expensive fundraiser your group or team has ever done. That’s why we offer a FREE fundraising platform for teams and groups of any size or age group.

Unlike other fundraising platforms, Raising Zone doesn’t charge your group to use the system. We ask generous donors to leave a small tip to pay for the platform. Your group pays no platform fees. You only pay the credit card company their typical transaction costs of 2.9% plus $.30 per transaction.

More than an Online Donation Portal

We provide a step by step process that helps you recruit your group members to participate 4 different ways. The problem with many fundraisers is actually getting information home with your members. Raising Zone offers the most extensive tools to accomplish that. We also walk your members through a simple process to maximize donations. Unlike other fundraisers we set expectations and goals for your members and we encourage them to meet those goals. Of course we offer the most secure, PCI compliant online payment system in fundraising so you can be comfortable your fundraiser is safe for not only your members but also the people that support you.

Here’s a Basic Overview of Raising Zone

Start your campaign
  • Set a monetary goal for your fundraiser.
  • Tell people why you’re raising money and what you’ll use the money for.
  • Add a photo or video to personalize your fundraiser.
Invite your members to join
  • Send them a message through your normal messaging vehicle.
  • Print handouts from your Raising Zone Dashboard.
  • Send them a reminder email or text.
Members share with friends
  • They can send emails.
  • They can send text messages.
  • They can post on social media.
Manage your donations
  • Watch your donations in real time.
  • Send thank you notes to donors.
  • Request your payment when you’re done.

It really is FREE!

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Our fundraising experts are standing by to make sure your fundraiser is a success.
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