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*Standard credit card transactions of 2.9% and $0.30 apply

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Our FREE fundraising platform allows you to keep more of the money you raise.

The only costs associated with the Raising Zone are standard credit card transactions of 2.9% and $0.30 that every online platform charges.

How can it be free? Our generous donors allow us to keep the Raising Zone FREE. Donors are asked to leave a voluntary tip when they make a donation. These tips allow us to maintain our free platform. It’s simple as that.

So stop paying 5% to 25%. We think you should keep that money instead!!!

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How Raising Zone Works

The Easiest Fundraiser You've ever Done

Start Your Campaign

Set a monetary goal for your fundraiser.

Tell people why you’re raising money and what you’ll use the money for.

Add a photo or video to personalize your fundraiser.

Invite your members to join

Send them a message through your normal messaging vehicle.

Print handouts from your Raising Zone Dashboard.

Send them a reminder email or text.

Members share with friends

They can Import and send emails to friends and family members.

They can use text messages to connect to potential supporters.

They can spread the word on social media.

Manage your donations

Watch your donations come in on your dashboard in real time.

Send thank you notes to donors.

Request your payments at any time during the fundraiser.

It really is that easy!

Everything You Need for Success is provided for you

The Raising Zone offers the most state of the art fundraising system available to you as the administrator AND for your participants.

  • Fundraising Website
  • Real Time Reporting
  • The Most Secure PCI Compliant Payment System Available
  • An Administrator Dashboard Complete With More Tools than You Can Imagine
  • The Easiest Way for Parents to Participate
  • Lowest Fees in Fundraising


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